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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Catch Up TV Film Guide

Catch Up TV Film Guide for PlayStation®Mobile is out now on the UK PlayStation®Store.

Here's the store description:
An electronic programme guide for the Films category of a certain British TV catch up service. Designed for simplicity and speed, ideal for those too lazy to get out of bed to check the official listings by other means. 
- Useful search buttons for finding more information on a particular programme.
- Sort results by name, length or expiry date.
- Indicates which results have been newly added. 
Please note the following:
- An internet connection is required for this app to function.
- This app relies on multiple third party services outside of the developer's control, some or all features may stop functioning without notice.
- This is an unofficial app, please do not contact the third parties for support.
- Only displays results for the Films category.
And another screenshot of the search options:

And for those viewing this page on a compatible device here's a link to it on the store: